Today, the FSB (Russia's Federal Security Service) have searched homes of nine Crimeans on suspicion of being involved in a "terrorist organization” activities. At the moment, they released Rustem Osmanov (former employee of the ATR TV channel), a Center for Investigative Journalism reports lawyer Emil Kurbedinov as saying. 

The searches took place in Yalta, Bakhchisarai, Holmovka, Verhnyaya Kutuzovka (Big Alushta).

“In Yalta, four men (those whose homes were searched - Ed.) were taken to the FSB. In Holmovka, as well. In Alushta (Verhnyaya Kutuzovka - Ed.), the search was conducted in the house of a Russian guy, who was also taken away. Only Rustem Osmanov from Bakhchisarai has been released after the interrogation,” said Kurbedinov.

According to him, these people are suspected of having links to a "terrorist organization." However, it was not specified. 

“During questioning Osmanov was asked whether he or his friends are terrorists, whether he is a member of a terrorist organization, and if he is going to Syria. After receiving negative answers, they released him,” said the lawyer.

Human rights defenders continue to gather information on all the detainees.

Photo: Internet