Simferopol (QHA) -

More details came out concerning the murder of Feodosia city Mayor Alexander Bartenev. First, the gun, from which the Mayor was shot, was registered as material evidence on another case in Ternopil region of Ukraine and according to documents was disposed. Second, another version why the Mayor was shot -is his connection to the oil company.

People’s deputy and former head of Crimean police Gennadiy Moskal believes that the murder is not an armed robbery case, as regarded by Crimean police, but contract killing.

“I was very surprised by the information that the gun, from which Alexander Bartenev was shot, was allegedly disposed earlier in another region of Ukraine. I repeatedly said that the police serves the main supplier of drugs and weapon in Ukraine. The scheme is simple. After court decisions about disposure of guns/drugs, false documents are prepared about disposal of these evidences. But in reality they go the secondary market,” says Moskal on his Facebook page.

Another ex-head of Crimean police Vladimir Homenko doesn’t believe in the armed robbery as well. “They knew who they wanted to shoot. This doesn’t look like they just wanted his purse”, says Homenko.

A source in the police informed “Vesti”, that all was done very professionally and taking the money was done for distraction.

A source, close to the deceased Mayor shared with “Vesti” that the Mayor had problems with the oil company. In 2008, Bartenev left this company as was elected a Mayor, but allegedly kept unofficial control over it. The source says that in 2012 the company illegally sold a big volume of oil products in Crimea and had disputes with the Mayor over this issue.

Moskal supports this version. “It should definitely be looked into”, he says.

During the last three years, five Mayors have died in Crimea. The recent case happened in February this year. The Mayor of Simeiz Kirill Kostenko was shot from a riffle; killer is still not found.

To remind, on the night from July 26th to 27th, the Mayor of Feodosia Alexander Bartenev was attacked at the entrance of the apartment building where he resided.  He was shot in the back from a shotgun rifle.  The attacker fled a scene, taking away the Mayor's purse.  Later, he threw it away, previously have taken all the money out of it.  The Mayor died in the hospital due to big loss of blood.