The charred body of Enver Ismailov, a Crimean Tatar resident of Ichkin region, was found in Crimea. A Crimean Tatar national flag was found next to the body, according to a message posted on Facebook by Mustafa Jemilev, Commissioner of Ukrainian President on Crimean Tatars Affairs.  

According to media reports, Enver Ismailov, a 60-year-old resident of the village of Kaynash (now Krasnoflotskoye), went to the pumping station of the North-Crimean Canal and did not return.

A member of the Mejlis Ambedzhit Suleimanov assumed it could be an act of self-immolation.

“We wish patience to Ismailov’s relatives and friends. Emir Allah, başıñız sağ olsun,” reads the message.

The Commissioner of Ukrainian President on Crimean Tatars Affairs also appealed to his compatriots:

“Despite the complexity of the situation for our people, we have to stay strong. Do not lose hope. Believe in a better future. I know the time will come when all our people in unity will rejoice in free Crimea!

Photo: Internet