Head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Jemilev is not allowed to visit his son Hayser, who is undergoing psychiatric examination in Kiev. Jemilev said this in an interview to Segodnya newspaper. As reported earlier, Court extended detention for Hayser Jemilev for another 60 days. “The investigating officer does not allow relatives to visit the detained. This causes genuine surprise of our lawyer, because he hasn’t had such problems with the other clients before. It was also surprising for him that the investigating authorities classify the case as ‘intended murder’ without having a base. But I, as a politician am not surprised,” said Mustafa Jemilev. He also told in an interview that it is very hard on him to live through the tragedy with his son. “My foes can gloat, but it is very hard on me (the tragedy with the son-Ed.). Just like any farther, whose sick son is in prison. It is probably even harder for my wife and wife of my son. A significant part of my youth was spent in prisons and labor camps with much more severe conditions than in prisons nowadays. But if my son was healthy, I would have worried less for him. It is also depressing that a long-time friend of our family who had close friendship with my son is not alive anymore. He was almost a member of our family; when leaving the house we left our keys to him. Given the strained relations between Mejlis and authorities I was psychologically ready for any dirty tricks, but didn’t expect such a hit in the back”, notes Jemilev. He also stressed that under close attention of media and authorities to the tragedy in his family, Crimean Prime Minister Anatoliy Mogilev demonstrated decency. “When asked by media to comment the incident he refused to give any comments and even said it was mean to try to make a sensation out of tragedy that can happen in any family. I didn’t observe such decency in many media sources that I respected before”, said Jemilev. As reported, in May, 32-year old Hayser Jemilev killed a man, presumably as a result of a careless handling of a registered gun belonging to his father. After forensic psychiatric examination conducted by local doctors didn’t bring results, Simferopol Court took a decision to send Hayser Jemilev to Kyiv for mental health re-examination. Mustafa Jemilev claims that his son had previously been treated in a psychiatric clinic.