BAĞÇASARAY/BAKHCHISARAI (QHA) - Yesterday, May 27, 2013, a tragedy occurred in the Cemils’ house, the youngest son of the Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar nation, MP Mustafa Cemil - Hayser Cemil killed a man by recklessness by firearms. According to M. Cemil, his son was treated in a psychiatric hospital about 5 years ago, ARGUMENTUA.COM reported. "I was at a meeting in Simferopol - says Mustafa Cemil. - And then my son called me and said: "I killed a man". Of course, I came immediately to home. He was treated in a mental hospital in Lviv five years ago. Then he was discharged, he was drinking drugs and even married. And apparently, he began worsening again recently. Although, we took no notice it. When I was away, he climbed through the window into my private office, he took my gun with a telescopic sight out there, and he told me nothing. He is smitten with passion to weapons. On that day, when the tragedy occurred, son stood at the window, fiddling with the gun. He twisted and twisted ... And, he seems to shoot accidentally. Of course, this is the deep sorrow! After all, I invited myself the dead person to give to earn a little money in our household plot because he could not find a job. And I was paying well him for this. Although, he was refusing to take the money. Unfortunate wretch had old mother, wife and child. Just yesterday, he and my wife had coffee in our kitchen, and now it is gone ... We shall do for his family the best we can.
Dead turned out 44-year-old Fevzi Edem. He was a builder and helped often to the Cemils with the housework, which still have not completed building their own house. Moreover, he was a relative of no less known the Crimean Tatar: the head of the Majlis of Bağçasaray/Bakhchisarai raion Ahtem Çiygöz. Fevzi, who lived in the Qalımtay/Teniste village of the Bağçasaray/Bakhchisarai raion, had a wife and child.
The 1st Vice-Chairman of the Majlis Refat Çubar departed to Bakhchisarai, as soon as he heard about the tragedy: "Ms. Safinar, wife of Mustafa, is in a very bad condition now and repeats endlessly:" They were both for me as sons". As the elder woman in the family, she always was severe with Hayser. It would be recalled that, at this moment, Hayser Cemil is placed in the investigatory isolation ward. According to the Chief of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Crimea, Major-General Mykhailo Slepanev, it was found the shot is made by a hunting weapon during the initial inspection. A criminal case is opened on this fact that had categorized previously under the part of the 115 Article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: ‘Premeditated murder”. The law enforcers are holding the preliminary investigation.
Furthermore, Mykhailo Slepanev has assured the investigation of this incident will be held objectively, in strict accordance with the procedure established by law of Ukraine, the press service of the Main Department of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Crimea.