The robbers broke down a door, removed PVC windows, took a samovar and other small things, locals told Argumenty Nedeli – Crimea.

According to a local resident Bahrutdin Turaev, who looked after the mosque, the thieves arrived by car at night.

- They drove up from Beloglinka, parked nearby, quickly broke down the frames, loaded them into the car and drove away in an unknown direction, said Turaev.

According to him, he was afraid to go to the police as he leads a lonely life.

Turaev said the mosque has not been visited by people for a long time since the Crimean Tatars have not been residing in this area for long now.

- But the mosque is neat, whitewashed with a carpet inside. The interior doors are also good. Once people built this house at their own expense to perform the Friday namaz, he said.

Photo: Internet