QHA - Residents of Feodosia are extremely concerned about police’s inaction on the disclosure of the murder of the Mayor of Feodosia Alexander Bartenev, says ex-head of Crimean police Gennady Moskal, according to Segodnya. According to Moskal, almost every day he receives letters from people with specific facts, to which police is ‘absolutely not responding’. On his official site, Moskal provides quotes from these letters, which he re-sent to the Minister of Internal Affairs. “There was a criminal group, which operated in Feodosia. It was headed by Gafarov Ernest. Son of the Mayor of Feodosia was member of this group too. In particular, the group took away property from individuals”, says the quote. “There is a chaos in Feodosia. Bartenev, head of police and head of security service gathered almost every day to decide who they wanted to collect a ‘toll’ from….Bartenev and his son took away a café from certain people..” states another massage. On more letter says that winery ‘Koktebel’ was announced bankrupt in order to be taken over by Bartenev. Moskal believes all these statements should be taken into consideration and looked into. As reported, on July 26, Mayor of Feodosia Alexander Bartenev was shot dead at the entrance to his apartment building. The killer is not found yet.