Military shot dead Cossack of LPR

In Luhansk region, Ukrainian military used weapons to stop a vehicle, which tried to break through a checkpoint. The driver turned out to be a Cossack and terrorist of ‘LPR’ (Luhansk People’s Republic).

5 November 2015 16:00

The attempt of a car driver to break through the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took place at a checkpoint near the city of Popasna in Luhansk region. A black Mercedes Sprinter minibus moving at high speed tried to get on the territory controlled by Ukraine. In order to stop it, the military had to use a firearm. As a result, the driver of the vehicle was shot dead, the press service of the Luhansk Department of the MIA of Ukraine reports.

The violator appeared to be a Cossack, supposedly fought alongside terrorists, as he wore camouflage uniform and Cossack chevrons, reads the statement.

The incident took place in the morning on November 5. The military commandant's office immediately reported it to the district police station.

The examination of the scene and identification of the deceased are currently ongoing.