Hundreds of tons of toxic cyanide, stored at a warehouse in Tianjin, China, have been devastated by a series of blasts, reports Deutsche welle, citing the AFP agency. Shi Luz, the Chief of General Staff of the Military District of Beijing is reported as saying on August 16 that cyanide was found in two places at the blast site at the rate of several hundred tons.

Earlier on, the military group of 217 chemical and nuclear experts, involved at an early stage of after the blasts, reported that 700 tons of sodium cyanide were stored at the warehouse.

Chinese authorities have repeatedly tried to reassure the public that despite the increase in the concentration of pollutants, the air in Tyandzin is safe and thus they have blocked a number of websites and messages in social networks for disseminating of rumors on the environmental situation.

However, on Saturday the Xinhua Chinese agency reported that the concentration of cyanide in the wastewater was 10.9 times higher than the permissible limits. Since then it has declined, but still it is double the rate, said AFP. According to the environmentalists of the Greenpeace international organization, the surface water samples had been taken in four places and a high concentration of chemicals has not been found. Despite this, on Saturday the government held the evacuation of people from areas adjacent to the accident.

Meanwhile, as reported, the number of blast victims increased to 112 people, about 100 people remain unaccounted for, including 85 firefighters, though the authorities do not exclude that some of them may be among 88 unidentified victims. In addition, more than 700 people are in hospitals.

Just a reminder: about eight blasts were heard at the site on Saturday.