August 14, a fight between the separatists and the Ukrainian military took place near the village of Novoaleksandrovka in Luhansk region.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces repulsed the attack of the terrorist sabotage and reconnaissance group, the ATO headquarters press-center reports.

According to the information provided, the militants intensified in Popasnaya district and shelled the Ukrainian stronghold mostly with artillery systems and mortars. In particular, prior to the attack, the sabotage and reconnaissance group fired the 122-mm self-propelled guns and 120-mm mortars near Popasnaya.

“The enemy tried to commandeer our stronghold near Novoaleksandrovka. Around 10:10, the enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group of 3 - 6 people opened fire with heavy machine guns and small arms at a distance of 100 m from the side of the Kalinovoye village. The clashes lasted for 20 minutes. The enemy sustained losses and retreated, said Irina Baranova, the representative of the ATO Headquarters.

Moreover, the sniper activity has been recorded near the settlement Zheltoye over 3 days.

Ukrainian military enhance combat readiness across the front lines, carrying out additional drills, practicing actions of personnel, strengthening the borders and increasing the military presence.

The President Poroshenko Poroshenko ordered to alert all military units near the administrative border with Crimea, as well as in Donbas.

Photo: Internet