Ilmi Umer, Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, said his family in Crimea is under pressure, according to his Facebook account.

- The last week was very tense ... Law enforcement officers visited my three brothers. An investigator came over my brother Femi and asked about his son Ibrahim, who is working in Kiev, saying allegedly the latter has fallen victim to one of the criminal cases of the annexation period. The investigator said Ibrahim should look in when visiting Crimea, wrote Umerov.

According to Ilmi Umerov, two other brothers - Bekir and Reshat, who own industrial goods and materials stores, on different days were also visited by close to 20-25 people from 7-8 agencies, including the Prosecutor's Office, the Federal Security Service, Federal Migration Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Roskomnadzor, Economic Crime Department and others. In addition, Ilmi Umer and his wife Nariman Jelal were paid special attention during their visit to Kiev when crossing the Crimean checkpoint.

- During border crossing, only the car was searched for about 2-3 hours, while passports- for 1-2 hours. Having reported "relevant" information and received a "say-so" the border guards permitted us to cross. On arrival to Kiev, we visited our daughter, met the leaders of the Crime Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov. They sent their best regards ... Unfortunately, people are still being kidnapped (in the city of Kerch) with FSB having tried to enlist one Crimean Tatar through torture. Another one trial in case of February, 26... Life goes on ..., wrote the Mejlis Deputy Chairman.

December 15, two men - Ruslan Ganiev and Arlen went missing in the city of Kerch. Their fate is still unknown.

December 16, Enver Krosh was illegally detained and taken to the district police station in the city of Dzhankoy. There he was transferred to the FSB officers who tried to get his written consent for cooperation. Having failed to get the results expected, the FSB officers subjected Enver Krosha to electric shocks.