Unknown man painted the building of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people in Simferopol with unquotable painting and inscriptions on September 1 night, head of Mejlis Secretary Dilyaver Akiyev said.

“At 2 A.M. a watchwoman witnessed a masked man kicked the door and left. When she [the watchwoman] went outside she saw the unquotable inscription and painting on the wall”- Akiyev said.

“Policemen and FSB officers -- Russian Federal Security Service--who came at the scene has taken the video recorded by cameras and assured that incident would be investigated” – he said, adding calling the incident an act of provocation.

“This is a provocation. You know that the Mejlis has called on Crimean Tatars and other Crimea residents to boycott the Parliament elections. According to our data, most of Crimean Tatars will listen to this advice”- Akiyev noted.