The Mayor of Feodosia Alexander Bartenev passed away yesterday, July 28, in the hospital due to injuries resulting an attack on him on the night from July 26th to 27th, informs press service of Feodosia city council.

The funeral is set for Tuesday, July 30, at the local cemetery. The cause of the death was most likely the loss of a significant amount of blood. Several surgeries have been conducted; however, life couldn’t be saved.

Head of Crimean department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Mikhail Slepanev preliminary names robbery as the main version of the murder.

In turn, deputy of Ukraine from “Batkivshchina” and former head of Crimean police Gennadiy Moskal suggested that the murder of the mayor could be contracted and is linked to the criminal past of the 90s.

“I think that in the first place business interests should be looked for. I could name 100 versions of why Mr. Bartenev could be killed, but in no case it is the banal robbery,” says Moskal.

“The head of Crimean police Mr. Slepanev makes ridiculous statements about the robbery as the main version of the murder. He “drowns himself” by making such statements. During the tourist season special plan for intensified public safety is introduced. Ministry of Internal Affairs allocates additional sources for it (at least used to). Now, Mr. Slepanev should explain to us why this plan didn’t work out not only in relation to ordinary citizens, but even with the Mayor. All the more so, today is the Day of Feodosia town and a lot of guests, including people’s Deputies have gathered there. How in this situation bandits could walk around with a gun? It turns out that Mr. Slepanev admits that police was not carrying out their duties”, writes Moskal on his Facebook page.

To recall, on the night from July 26th to 27th, the Mayor of Feodosia Alexander Bartenev has been attacked at the entrance of the apartment building where he lived. He was shot in the back from the shotgun rifle. The attacker fled a scene, taking away the Mayor’s purse. Later, he threw it away, previously have taken all the money out of it.