Mariupol (QHA) -

152 mm self-propelled weapons and 120 mm mortars were used for shelling. Exploded ammunition is scattered all over the village. According to the mayor Yuriy Hotlubey, currently the whole village has been examined and no unexploded ammunition has been found. The area survey has shown the next: 6 streets in Sartana were shelled, five houses are recorded as having been hit directly, 54 houses are partially damaged, there is no electricity and gas in the village, two streets were left without water. Two people have been killed- a girl of 22 years and a man of 34 years old, news website of Mariupol city reports citing the message of "M" military unit press service.

This morning, Yuriy Hotlubey, mayor of Mariupol, held a visiting session on the liquidation of the shellfire consequences, qualified as a terrorist act by the law enforcement authorities. He also charged Stepan Mahsme, mayor of Sartana village, to prepare all the necessary documents for further material assistance to the village within three days.

August, 17 has been announced the day of mourning for the victims by order of mayor of Mariupol city.