Birmingham (QHA) -

Shaun Reah, 39, has been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred after he was pictured lifting up his T-shirt to reveal an image of a mosque with "BOOM!" emblazoned across it, Birmingham Mail reports.

The image, taken during a demonstration organized by the English Defense League in Birmingham on Saturday July 20, triggered a public outcry and Reah has received hundreds of death threats.

Reah’s solicitor Kevin Smallcombe, confirmed the arrest.

According to Mr Smallcombe, who has been involved in some the North East’s most high profile cases, Reah is happy to fully cooperate with police on the case which has clearly triggered a great deal of emotion and debate.

Note: The English Defense League (EDL)- is an informal organization, whose members oppose the Islamization of the UK. Members of the movement organize protests against construction of mosques, as well as against anything that is related to Islam.