Elzara Islyamova, CEO of QARADENIZ Production LLC, and Lilya Bidzhurova, Deputy CEO of  QARADENIZ Production LLC, had gas supply in their houses disconnected, reports Nariman Zhelyal, First Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars.

“Their revenge is so petty. It all happened a couple of days ago but I only learned about it yesterday. Elzara Islyamova and Lilya Bidzhurova had their gas supply disconnected under the laughable pretext of their houses’ chimneys being either unpainted or wrongly installed. In fact, what the utility service workers did qualifies as trespassing,” Zhelyal wrote on his Facebook page.

According to Zhelyal, gas supply was resumed after the two aired their discontent with the utility service administration.

“Neither Budzhurova nor Islyamova have anything to do with the blockade but does that make any difference to them? All they can do is cause people problems and heroically overcome them afterwards. And then they say: “See what great lengths we went to to make you happy?”. It would be funny if I wasn’t so sick of the depths of lowness these people can stoop to,” wrote Zhelyal.

It was reported earlier Crimea had its electricity supply cut off after transmission towers got blown up in Ukraine’s Kherson region on November 22. Following the incident, a state of emergency was declared on the peninsula.

On December 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Crimea to inaugurate the first leg of the power line between Russia’s Cuban region and Crimea.