In it, they claim to be fully cooperating with the police in establishing Nebiyev’s whereabouts.

They also call for no political undertones to be read into what has happened, calling it ‘a crime committed by one man against other people for no political, provocative or national reasons’.

The full text of the letter is available below (originally posted by Krym Media):

“We have been afflicted with great misfortune. The pain felt by the families of the deceased and injured medics is rendered even more intense in our hearts because it was caused by a member of our family. No words can describe the nightmare and terror we are going through. We would give everything to turn back time and prevent this horrible crime from happening but are unfortunately unable to do so.

Different people face different problems differently. Unfortunately, the problems we have had to face lately have affected both the physical and mental health of our father. Ever since he had a heart attack, he had been in a dreadful fear of his life. Everything he did, said or thought about was centered around this. He called an ambulance on almost a daily basis, and when he did not he went to see the doctors himself. All of the doctors said in unison there was nothing fundamentally wrong with his health, given that he had a heart attack. We never grew tired of telling him that he could have another heart attack if he kept being so paranoid about his health. However, when we said that we did not realize how mentally unstable he ended up being. Whatever the case might be, we were planning to sign him up for an appointment with a psychiatrist (since an appointment with a psychologist produced no desired effect), but never had time to...

Our father has always been short-tempered but never aggressive. Therefore, we had absolutely no reason to believe that a man taking a plethora of medications, scared of climbing stairs, having all kinds of phobias about his health condition and being in no way aggressive would be capable of doing something dreadful like this.

If he had so much as dropped a hint to anybody about what was on his mind or made a slight move, we would have done everything to stop him.

That said, our family has to carry a burden of guilt for the horrible crime committed by our father. The burden of guilt we will have to live with for the rest of our lives. And though some may find this an act of blasphemy, we beg forgiveness from everyone our father has caused harm to. The only thing we are praying the Almighty for is to help the families of the deceased cope with their loss and grant a swift recovery and long lives to the injured medics.

Our family is fully cooperating with the police in establishing the whereabouts of our father. Like no one else, we want him to be found as soon as possible.

We urge common people, politicians and medias not to engage in wishful thinking and read any political undertones into what has happened. This is a crime committed by one man against other people for no political, provocative or national reasons. It cannot be justified and our family will have to live with the burden.

With pain and sorrow in our hearts,

The Nebievs”.

At about 4 p.m. on September 26, an armed man entered a hospital in Simferopol and fired multiple shots at four members of the hospital’s personnel, fatally wounding two of them. The suspect, 55-year old Bekir Nebiyev, is currently being looked for by the police.