A Kyiv resident launched a page on one of social networking sites and became an active user of guns forums. The arms dealer sold weapons and received payments for them via his banking card. After getting money, he sent disassembled weapons to the buyers via an express delivery service.

During searches of his residence and work location, the law enforcement officers seized 5 ‘Scorpio’ guns, 4 ‘Makarov’ pistols, 4 ‘TT’ pistols, 3 ‘Beretta’ guns, 15 ‘Glock 19’ pistols, 8 ‘Glock 17’ pistols, 3 ‘Glock 19’ khaki pistols, 1 ‘Walther P-99’ pistol, 1 ‘Walther P-38 pistol’, 1 ‘Uzi’ gun, spare parts for rifled firearms and a large quantity of cold steel.

The whole arsenal was brought from Europe to Ukraine via international postal services.

The investigation is ongoing with regard to charges under Part 1 of Art. 263 (illegal handling of weapons), Art. 263-1 (illegal manufacturing, processing or repair of firearms), and Part 1 of Art. 333 (violation of established order of international transfer of goods subject to state export control) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the SSU reports.

PHOTO: the SSU website