Kyiv (QHA) -

Common celebration of 1,025th anniversary of Kievan Rus Christianization indicates unity of our nations, say Russian and Ukrainian presidents, Interfax informs.

Presidents stressed the importance of celebration for countries and specifically emphasized the importance of participation of the presidents of other countries in these events.

“The participation of our fellow presidents, our friendly Orthodox states is also a very significant event”, - said Yanukovych. “This common holiday reminds us of the spirit of unity, common roots that much was done in the previous century. I am pleased to note that we have personal contacts and good contacts at the level of governments. Thanks to you it will be a common holiday, and we will be able to discuss the important issues of cooperation in the field of security”, - said Putin.

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, in turn, thanked for possibility of visiting the holiday and meeting with leaders of the countries, which are friendly to Serbia. He added that it was pleasant for him to hear the prayer in the language in which prayers are served in Serbian churches.

Moldova President Timofti said Ukraine-Moldova relations enjoy a solid foundation and expressed hope that the ties will develop smoothly in the future.

As reported, the presidents of Russia, Serbia and Moldova were present at the celebration in Kyiv.