Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov believes that the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet is a matter of a "very serious concern in the Kremlin", according to "RIA Novosti".

- Sheremet was a well-known journalist. Moreover, he was a citizen of the Russian Federation. Sheremet’s families and friends have our condolences. The murder of a Russian citizen and a journalist in Ukraine is a reason for a serious concern in the Kremlin, - he said.

It should be reminded that today, July 20, at 7:45 in Kyiv at the crossroads of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Ivan Franko Streets a car with ‘Ukrainian Truth’ publication journalist and the ‘Radio.Vesti’ host Pavel Sheremet exploded. The journalist died on spot.

The car belonged to the Head of ‘Ukrainian Truth’ publication Olena Prytula. At that moment she was not inside the vehicle.

According to preliminary version, the explosion was caused by a bomb.

Photo: Internet