September 1, 2015. Iryna Ostashchenko, a journalist and editor of Informer news agency, brutally beaten by unidentified persons due to professional activities 4 months ago, has died in Sevastopol, Informer reports.

“We feel a great sorrow and grief. Our colleague Iryna Ostashchenko died at 5.35 p.m. yesterday,” Informer news agency stated.

There is no information about the causes of the journalist’s death. The colleagues only stressed her professionalism, strong sense of justice, helpfulness, definite civic stand, courage and bravery.

Iryna Ostashchenko was brought to hospital and operated at neurosurgical department after the attack of indentified persons and serious head injury in April 2015.

The Crimean field mission for human rights linked the attack to the journalist’s professional activities. According to her colleagues, Iryna’s publications have always been notable for critical stance toward authorities.