Isis has destroyed a 2,000-year-old ancient structure near the Iraqi city of Mosul aka the Gate of God, reports the Independent citing a source within the British Institute for the Study of Iraq.

The Mashqi Gate, also known as the Gate of God, was one of a number of grand gates which guarded the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh. Referenced in the Bible, Nineveh was the capital of the Neo-Assyrian Empire from the 7th to 8th century B.C.

“We continue to follow the latest news reports from Iraq. We naturally deplore all acts of vandalism and destruction of cultural heritage, and continue to monitor the situation to the best of our ability. In the absence of specific information it is not yet possible to comment on what has been destroyed,” a spokesperson for the British Museum told The Independent.

The Antiquities Department in Baghdad has not denied the attack.

It was reported earlier that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi pledged to drive ISIS militants from the city of Mosul after an operation in the city of Ramadi was finished.

After capturing Mosul in June 2014, ISIS militants announced their plans to destroy artefacts in the ancient city of Nineveh if the Iraqi troops attempted to liberate the city. Since the capture of Mosul, ISIS militants have executed 837 women. In early 2015, they blew up a section of the wall in the al-Tahrir neighborhood.