Militants have sharply reduced the number of attacks, including those with the use of weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, according to the Facebook page of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

Nevertheless, the enemy strengthens activities aimed at discrediting the Ukrainian military.

“To this end, the Russian occupation command is planning provocations against the 
ATO forces by shelling our positions, as well as simulating the activity of "Ukrainian saboteurs" in Donetsk, Mariupol and Novoaydarsk directions. For video recording of "ceasefire violation by Ukraine," the journalists of Russian TV channels: NTV, Russia-24, Life News, and Zvezda have already arrived at the forefront of Russian occupation troops,” the intelligence agents report.

For the past day, there have been recorded another supply of ammunition from the Russian territory.

“The militants use the ceasefire to optimize their combat formations, reinforce leading units, deploy brigades and replenish ammunition,” the intelligence reports.

For the past day, there have been recorded ceasefire violations: 14 - in Donetsk direction, 10 – in Mariupol direction, and 1 – in Lugansk.

Photo: Internet