Simferopol (QHA) - Six world records were set by modernized MI-8MSB helicopter in Crimea. The helicopter rose at its maximum height of 9150 meters. This took place in the framework of the celebration of the Aviation Day in Ukraine, said chief test pilot, deputy head of the State Science and Testing Center of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Igor Goloveshchenko in an interview to QHA. According to him, the replacement of old engines for the new ones allowed the helicopter not only to increase its maximum height but to prolong its service life. “Six world records have been set on helicopter MI-8MSB with new engines under the direction of the chief designer on creation and modification of helicopters “Motor Sich” Vyacheslav Boguslayev. The helicopter rose to 9150 meters,” noted Goloveshchenko. Note: MI-8MSB is a modernized version of MI-8T. Modernization was accomplished by “Motor Sich” company, which put in new engines of own design. New engines are characterized by high power and efficiency over the standard ones. The feature of this engine is that it keeps supplying power to the gearbox continuously – even when the pressure drops, temperature rises or altitude is gained. In spring this year Crimea held a round of certification tests for MI-8MSB. The helicopter was tested for resistance to frost.