House of first deputy of Crimean Tatar people Nariman Dzhelal, located in one of Simferopol villages, has been searched.

The search comes hours after Dzhelal’s questioning by the Investigative Committee, which lasted 6 hours.

Commenting the situation, Dzhelal told Crimean News Agency correspondent that the search was conducted in accordance with the law and the policemen behaved correctly, and in accordance with the regulation.

First deputy head of Mejlis was summonsed for questioning as a witness of a pro-Ukrainian rally which took place Feb 26, 2014, at Crimean Parliament when thousands of Crimean Tatars rallied to show their support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

The rally came a day before armed masked men without insignia took control of the Parliament. Later, March 16, a referendum was held in the region, which resulted in Crimea’s secession from Ukraine and joining Russia.