House of journalist Abduvelieva searched in the Crimea

Armed security forces broke into the house and started a search without explaining the reasons.

2 September 2016 10:08

The house of a journalist with the Internet portal Crimean Tatars Elmaz Abduvelieva is being searched in the annexed Crimea, reported a journalist Lilia Budzhurova on Facebook.

Armed security forces broke the door, stormed into the house of the journalist for the Internet portal Crimean Tatars Elmaz Abduvelieva at Str. Elevatornaya 1, the city of Simferopol. They started the search have not submitted the documents or explained the reasons, wrote Budzhurova.

August 23, the house of the Crimean Tatar Riza Muslimov was searched in the village of Lenino. The FSB seized several copies of "banned literature" and the computer.

Photo: Internet