Today, June 6, the meeting “One Ummah – one flag” of the Hizb-ut-Tahrir took place near the building of the House of Culture of Trade Unions in Aqmescit.
This meeting timed to the 89th Anniversary of the destruction of the Islamic State – the Caliphate assembled about one thousand people.
The meeting’s participants holding the Islamic black-and-white flags called the Moslems to become a part of the Islam revival.
The Hizb-ut-Tahrir member, imam of the Seit-Nafe Mosque Mustafa Mustafa began the meeting with a prayer. “We are gathering here today in order to show to people these black-and-white flags are not a symbol of the terrorism. There is not written we should fight and kill. There is written: “There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God”. We understand in Ukraine where the Moslems consist of 1%, the Caliphate is impossible… But we support our Moslem brothers living in other countries… We are with them”, - a participant of the meeting noted.
It would be recollected that there was information that an explosive device was found supposedly on the territory allotted to hold a meeting. Mr. Fazıl Ahmet, the Chief of the Information office of the Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Ukraine, stressed he did not trust to truthfulness of this information. “This is done to prevent to conduct the Moslems’ meeting”, he said.
However, the press service of the Main Department of the Emergency Situations Ministry in Crimea informed, their sappers found the German shell of 88th calibre of the World War II.
But, despite this dangerous find, the meeting took place.
It would be also noted the Crimean militia informed this meeting was banned by the court decision because several other NGOs more applied to the Aqmescit municipality with request to allow to hold their events there. The Crimean premier A. Mohyliov has already stated the meeting’s organizers will be taken administrative action surely.
Moreover, Mr. F. Ahmet informed the law enforcers detained 7 their members from Aluşta under farfetched pretext when they were going to leave to the meeting in Aqmescit.