The funeral of Shevkiye Asanova, Mustafa Jemilev’s older sister, took place in Yalta on October 7.

Shevkiye Asanova was 81 when she passed away on October 6. She was buried in the village of Chatal-Kaya where she lived with her family.

Born in 1934, Shevkiye was the oldest of the Jemilevs’ seven children – three sons and four daughters.

The Spiritual Administration of Crimean and Sevastopol Muslims and Mufti Emirali Ablayev offered their deepest condolences to the next of kin of the deceased.

“In our most sincere prayers, we ask Allah Almighty to bless the soul that has returned to him with His mercy and forgiveness by giving Shevkiye hanym the gift of Eternal Life,” reads a statement issued by the Muftiyat.

Mustafa Jemilev, Crimean Tatars’ leader and Ukrainian MP, could not attend the funeral due to a 5-year ban from entering Crimea and Russia illegally imposed on him by the Russian authorities in 2014.

QHA’s personnel offer their deepest sympathies to the next of kin of the deceased.

Allah rahmet eilesin!