An activist of the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Crimea Leonid Kuzmin was summoned for questioning by the FSB (Russian Security Forces) in Simferopol on July 18, according to his Facebook page.

“It’s a "good” start to the week. Communication with the FSB,” reads his message.

He also mentioned that he could not go into details, since he had to sign a pledge of secrecy. 

“The interrogation lasted for half an hour. I can only say that my public activity at the Ukrainian Cultural Center was the topic of our conversation. It may be another summons to appear. However, they did not inform me about the reason for the interrogation, since there is no record of proceeding. Nothing. It was not a necessary measure,” the activist posted.

Leonid Kuzmin was previously detained at a rally in memory of the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko in Simferopol. After this, he and several other activists were adjudged a punishment in Crimea for the use of Ukrainian attributes - yellow-blue flags and ribbons.

The Ukrainian Cultural Center in Crimea was established after the Russian annexation of the peninsula. It is a public organization focused on keeping language and culture of the Ukrainian people. The creators of the center do not purport any political mission.

Photo: Facebook