Flags of self-proclaimed DPR disappeared in Donetsk

The DPR separatists destroy evidences of their activity in Donetsk by removing flags from flagpoles.

7 October 2015 11:38

The flags of self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) have disappeared from the roof of the former Donetsk Regional Administration building. Only a piece of the flag can be seen on the flagpole. Probably, it was simply torn down, but not removed, Zhizn (life) website reports, the online version of newspaper of Donetsk Regional Council and Regional State Administration. The flags were also removed from the buildings of Donetsk Opera Theater and Donetsk Drama Theater.

The installed near the Lenin monument (Lenin square) stele, also left without the main symbol of the ‘new republic’. This stele was recognized to be the highest point in Donetsk by the DPR authorities, and they decided to hoist the flag over there on the eve of May holidays.