Sevastopol (QHA) -

Three Ukrainian citizens built up about 20 cottages on five hectares of land belonging to them near Sevastopol (Crimea). They have also dug a huge pit to arrange for the pond. During the construction, the land owners eliminated fertile topsoil, informs news of Sevastopol edition.

It may seem like anything illegal, except for one important detail. The allocated land was for agricultural purposes use only. The owners, instead of using fertile soils by purpose, simply destroyed them, causing land and environmental damage amounting to more than 400 thousand UAH, - states the edition.

All this was revealed by representatives of State Inspectorate of Agriculture of Ukraine in Sevastopol during the regular checkup of compliance of citizens’ agricultural activities with the requirements of Ukrainian land legislation.

Three criminal proceedings have been initiated against the owners of the land. Pretrial investigation is being conducted.