(QHA) - A team in South Africa has discovered the first definitive evidence of a comet strike on Earth some 28 million years ago, reports Euronews. It’s believed to have blown up over what is now Egypt, heating up the Sahara sand to a temperature of up to 2000 degrees Celcius, annihilating everything in its path. A specimen of the glass is on display in Johannesburg, together with an unusual rock collected in the Sahara 20 years ago. It is filled with microscopic black diamonds, believed to be part of a comet’s nucleus. The core of a comet is made up of material formed at the same time as our own solar system four and a half billion years ago. Scientists hope this discovery could help unlock some of the secrets of the formation of our solar system. Until now, scientists had found only grains of cometary material in Earth’s atmosphere and in carbon-rich dust in Antarctic ice.