Recently, we have noticed a large amount of military equipment in the fields and on the roads, residents of occupied Crimea told the Apostrophe News Agency.

-We see a great many of aircrafts flying anf a lot of armoured trucks. Earlier they were located near Chauda Сape or Opuka river, and now the entire route from the city of Kerch to Simferopol is packed with military equipment, said a resident of the city of Feodosia Tatyana Fedorova.

A senior analyst for the International Centre for Policy Studies, Anatoly Oktisyuk confirms that Russia considers Crimea as a military base.

- For Russia the priority is military targets, not people. And as for us, besides that Crimea is an occupied territory, we see military potential building up on the territory. This is an additional instability, and considering a possible confrontation with Turkey, these are the risks not only for, but for Crimean citizens, as well, said Anatoly Oktisyuk.

PHOTO: Unian