That is what a message posted on a Facebook page of Emil Kurbedinov, a lawyer of Elvira’s family, says.  

“Elvina’s family and herself mustered courage and did go to the Investigation Committee for questioning. The officers who questioned them were extremely polite. They explained their nervousness and pushiness in wanting Elvira and her family to show up for questioning ASAP by being under a lot of pressure from Moscow, which wants the case to be given top priority, and Elvina being on an international wanted list,” wrote Kurbedinov.

According to Kurbedinov, Elvina’s family may file a suit against Russia Today, a Russian TV broadcaster notorious for being Kremlin’s propaganda mouthpiece, which carried a report alleging that the girl ran away to join ISIS.

“There is only one thing I can add: Russia Today, you were wrong by claiming that this girl joined ISIS! Elvina’s family are considering filing an anti-defamation lawsuit against Russia Today,” wrote Kurbedinov.

It was reported earlier that Elvira Razakova, 16, went missing on January 13, 2016. At 8 a.m. she left her house in the village of Dubki of the Simferopol district and headed to downtown Simferopol for a class. The girl had not answered phone calls ever since. On February 9, the Spiritual Administration of Crimean Muslims reported the girl having been found in the Russian city of Krasnodar.