Two suspicious-looking individuals who arrived at the village of Kalanchak and engaged in provocative activities towards the village’s Ukrainian-speaking residents were detained by activists of the Right Sector organization. The men, both of them drunk, bragged about being soldiers of ‘the DPR Army’ and taking part in hostilities in the Donetsk region.

An ID check confirmed that they are indeed residents of the Lugansk region who fought for the DPR.

The information was also confirmed by the drunk detainees themselves who mentioned killing ‘khakhols’ and ‘banderas’ (derogative terms for residents of Western Ukraine) in Donbass.

A search of the men’s van, carried out in the presence of police officers, turned up money and maps of the area with highlighted sections. One of the men had prison-like tattoos on his body.

The terrorists were handed over to the police and investigation into the incident was launched.