February 2, at the Russian checkpoint Chongar the Russian security services were detaining all Crimean Tatars heading to Crimea from mainland Ukraine and took them to special container rooms for conversations, reported a human rights activists with the Crimean Human Rights Group on Facebook.

According to the human rights defenders, people had been held in the queue outside for about an hour.

"Some were let go just after standing with passports for an hour. Others were taken inside to talk about their stay in Ukraine and only then allowed to go. This applied only to Crimean Tatar men with an average age of about 30 years," reads a statement.

Meantime, the representatives of other nationalities were not harassed by Russian special services. One of the detainees told the Crimean Human Rights Group that after separated from his wife and two children and held outside for about 40 minutes, he was let go without being asked any questions.

"Being in the presence of the Russian border guards, he could not ask other men what they were asked about. What was the reason is still unclear," said human rights activists.

According to Vissarion Aseev, Coordinator of the monitoring department of the Crimean Human Rights Group, in this way the Russian authorities in Crimea are once again trying to frighten the Crimean Tatar activists on the eve of commemoration of an outstanding Crimean Tatar politician and public figure Noman Çelebicihan.

"The Russian authorities are scared that deported peoples will support each other, and therefore do not want Crimean Tatars to conduct commemorative events on this day," said Vissarion Aseev.

Photo: Internet