“There has been an increase in the number of domestic-related homicides lately. But for some reason it is Crimean Tatars that end up being murdered... It came to the attention of the Committee for Protection of Crimean Tatars’ Rights that Kachok Muhiddin, a 60-year old Crimean Tatar, got murdered in the village of Chaikino of the Zhankoy district two weeks ago,” wrote Bariyev on his Facebook page.

According to him, Kachok was on his way home when three men living next door to him hailed the man. His relatives claim he barely knew them but he went up to them regardless.

“Nobody knows now what happened next but one of the men came to his wife later the same day and said her husband was drunk. The woman did not make much of the news. However, after he was gone for nearly 24 hours she got alarmed and went looking for him. She found her husband lying unconscious on the ground. There was a wound on his head in the temporal area, which was the most likely reason for his death,” said Eskender Bariyev.

According to the human rights activist, the deceased’s son called the police who detained one of the three men, an ex convict, but let him go after a short while. Two days ago, he was seen walking free around the village.

“He has not been taken into custody ever since,” Bariev said.

Just a reminder: Memet Selimov and Osman Ibragimov, who were reported missing on August 21, 2015, were found dead on August 29, 2015. Their bodies, bearing multiple stab wounds, were buried near a coffee shop in the village of Bodanovka outside Simferopol. An individual suspected of committing the murder was detained. According to the police, that was a domestic-violence-related homicide.