Yesterday, after being in intensive care for 7 days, a Crimean Tatar Arsen Zeytulaev passed away. The man was injured from a gunshot wound to the head under mysterious circumstances. The investigation is still silent about the incident.

As QHA reported earlier, the incident occurred outside the Massandra department of the Yalta Police Station on February 7.

The body of a young man, 27-year-old Crimean Tatar Arsen Zeytulaeva, was found by the State Security staff.

Arsen Zeytulaev worked at Massandra Police Station. According to the State Security staff, the young man was shot in the head from his own service weapon.

There is a version that the young man allegedly shot himself in the head, but it looks absolutely absurd and improbable. Just 2 months ago the victim became a father. Arsen was a healthy 27-year-old guy. Friends and relatives say the young man had never had suicidal thoughts.

The true cause of the death still remains a mystery.

Photo: Internet