Morning Jan23 a 21-year-old Muedin Alvapov was arrested in the city of Alupka as suspected of setting cars on fire in the city of Yalta. Nariman Dzhelyal, Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, commented on the detention on facebook:

- Probably, the trial will be held tomorrow afternoon in Yalta. Muedin’s mother Zarema, disabled person of group 1, said her son has never dealt with arson. Muedin’s brother Mustafa currently is in mainland Ukraine. The other son died long ago in Uzbekistan.

The family constantly took part in various social and political events. Thus, there is an assumption the law enforcement pursues brothers because of their political views. In all likelihood, if Mustafa returns to Crimea, he will be also arrested.

I appeal to fellow citizens, especially those residing in the city of Alupka and nearby towns and villages, do not stand by, but visit and support Zarema with kind words.