(QHA) -

Crimean madrasas (religious schools) are being searched for extremist materials, Deputy Mufti of Crimea Esadullah Bairov told to QHA correspondent.

Three madrasas were searched during August 13, they are Learning Center, Kamenka madrasa for women and Simferopol madrasa Seit Settar. Checking commission included Fire service, the SES (The Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being) and representatives of Educational Ministry of Crimea.

It should be noted, there is no punishment for revealing of extremist materials yet in Crimea, the law will come into force in 2015.

“The book are removed as a warning, as the law is not in force in Crimea yet. Still no extremist literature was found in Crimean madrasas that were searched”- Bairov noted, adding that the “search is a normal procedure for such kind of institutions”.

 “It is a normal procedure, that the madrasas are being examined every year by all the services and the Ministry of Education, as non-adults are studying here”- Bairov stressed, but emphasized that recent examinations of madrasas remind “raids”.