(QHA) -

Supreme Court of Crimea has dismissed an appeal of Sinaver Kadyrov, who was fined and deported from Crimea Jan 23, head of Kurultay Electoral Comission Zair Smedlyaev said to QHA.

“The court has decided to uphold the court’s previous decision on Kadyrov's deportation”- Smedlyaev said, adding that the court hearing would have been held behind the closed doors.

To recall, Jan 23 the coordinators of the Crimean Tatar Rights Committee – Sinaver Kadyrov, Eksender Bariyev and Abmedzhyt Suleymanov – were stopped by Russian border guards at the Armyansk Crossing as they attempted to cross into mainland Ukraine.  

All three were questioned by the FSB [Russian security service] officers who drew up protocols in which it was claimed that as ‘foreign nationals’ they had infringed the rules for being in Crimea.

All have Ukrainian passports and Crimean registration [‘propiska’] but are being treated as ‘foreign nationals’ because they have not assumed Russian citizenship. 

According to Russian law, ‘foreign nationals’ may not stay on Russian territory [including Russian-occupied Crimea] for more than 90 days.  In practice that normally means without crossing the border to get the relevant arrival date in your passport. 

Still, it should be pointed out that Kadyrov was legally in Crimea as he had crossed into mainland Ukraine in November, meaning that he was well within the Russian law.