Ukrainian citizens in the occupied Crimea are discriminated in different spheres of life - from deprivation of property (religious cult) to denial of medical care, Yevhen Zakharov, a human rights activist from Kharkiv city, told in his broadcast interview with UKRLIFE.TV.

According to Zakharov, a Ukrainian citizen has died recently in Crimea, due to denial of medical care.

“Recently, there has been a completely wild case. A woman died because she did not receive medical aid, as she was not a citizen of the Russian Federation and kept a Ukrainian passport. Once, an ambulance was called as she was seriously ill. When it arrived she was told that she could not be taken to the hospital being a citizen of Ukraine.  Healthcare workers told her that they could provide the medical aid only for a fee, but it was very expensive and she probably did not have such amount of money. So, they did not take her to hospital, and the woman died,” said the human rights activist.