(QHA) -

Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea—Muftiyat—has registered as Russian organization, and got relevant documents Feb 27, 2014. Now the Muftiyat is working on registration of its religious communities, press service of the Muftiyat reports.

The Muftiyat now is officially titled Centralized Religious Organization of Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.

Out of two thousand religious communities in Crimea only eleven were reregistered under Russian law, the Crimean field mission reported.

Reregistration is one of the main challenges in Crimea, including for religious organizations. The government required their reregistration until March 1, 2015.

Prior to establishment of the Russian jurisdiction there were over 2,000 religious communities in the peninsula.

Of these, over 1,400 were officially registered. According to the Crimean field mission on Human Rights, by February 12, 2015, only some 100 parishes had applied for re-registration, and only 11 had been reregistered.

According to the experts of the Crimean field mission on Human Rights, there are multiple reasons for that: many documents are required, those receiving and those submitting documents lack knowledge, there are long queues. In addition, there are many complaints about fault-finding by registration authorities.