Attempted arson of Muslim House of Worship occurred in the village of Zhelyabovka in Nizhnegorsky district early this morning. A Muslim from Sudak, driving to the mosque to perform the morning prayer, saw smoke coming from the mosques, press service of the Spiritual Board of Muslims in Crimea reports.

According to a preliminary version, the intruder entered the mosque after cracking the window. He set fire to cabinet with Islamic literature and copies of the holy book the Koran in a prayer room. Fortunately, the fire had not spread to the entire room, and only one corner of the room was burnt, where the cupboard with the literature and prayer mats was located.

According to Rustem Temirov, Chairman of the Muslim Religious Communities of Nizhnegorsky district, this is not the first attempt to set fire to the house of worship in the village of Zhelyabovka.

“Seven or eight years ago, there also was an attempt to set fire to the house of worship. It is located on the edge of the village, next to the vegetable market. The village is small, and only 25-30 Muslims come to the house of worship for Friday prayer. The room is closed for the rest of the week. There are no guards and no surveillance system; just worshippers know where the key is located,” said Rustem Temirov.

Law enforcement and emergency response officers, as well as officials of Nizhnegorsky district arrived on the scene. The Muslims of the village are very concerned about the incident and consider this a provocation, as everyone knew that the Muslim world celebrated the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad yesterday.