“After pulling over for speeding and searching a bus owned by a funeral home, traffic police officers recovered half a ton of black caviar hidden underneath funeral wreaths in a coffin,” said Yelena Alekseyeva, Spokeswoman for the Russian Internal Ministry. The incident took place on a highway linking the Russian cities of Khabarovsk and Komsolsk-on-Amur.

“According to the bus’s driver, he was carrying a body of a woman from the town of Mayak of the Nanaysky region to the city of Habarovsk. After doing all the required paperwork, traffic police officers suggested that the driver let them have a look inside the vehicle. The search revealed plastic containers filled with what looked like sturgeon caviar, which were hidden underneath funeral wreaths,” reads the Internal Ministry’s statement.

After being taken into custody, the funeral home’s employees said that they were approached by an individual who promised them a reward of RUB 25, 000 for taking a body of his deceased relative from the town of Mayak to a morgue in the city of Khabarovsk. The coffin was placed into the bus by the men the funeral home’s employees did not know.

Having opened the coffin, the police officers discovered that there was no body inside but containers filled with caviar and sealed with a heat sealer.

The search is currently underway for the individuals involved in illegal production and trafficking of the caviar.