Lenur Islyamov, initiator of the civil blockade of Crimea, said that activists did not blow up the power transmission lines.

“The civil blockade of Crimea bears no relations to the first, second and third blowing up. The contract terminates at 00:00 today. So, it turns out that electricity supply to Crimea will be stopped at 00:01. The new contract has not been concluded. Formally, it is impossible to renew the energy supply automatically, on the basis of the old contract. De facto, there is no electricity now. But de jure, it will not be at 00:00. This means that the energy blockade won,” said Islyamov.

Just a reminder: In the night of December 30, Kakhovka - Titan transmission tower supplying electric power to Crimea from mainland Ukraine tumbled down in the area of 20 km from Kakhovka city.