(QHA) -

Unknown person set ‘Chukurcha-Jami’ mosque in Crimea on fire.

The building was not damaged a lot, but the vandals draw a Nazi swastika on the fence.

Police is investigating the incident as the surveillance camera footage recorded a men throwing Molotov cocktails.

Imam of Simferopol Muhammed Islamov said the incident was a provocation and the guilty would be found soon.

It should be noted that this mosque was also vandalized in 2004.

To recall, a group of militants, identifying themselves as "Russian Orthodox Cossacks" barged into a local church of the Kyiv Patriarchate in Crimea in Perevalnoe village, during Sunday Divine Liturgy and beat members of the faithful on June 1.

The police officers, who came after three hours and stood on a side of the attackers, claimed that “Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate is anti-Russian”