Cairo: policemen shot dead by unknown assailants

Eight policemen were killed in a shootout in the suburbs of the capital of Egypt.

8 May 2016 11:47

In the early hours of Sunday morning, unidentified persons fired at a police car south of Cairo, the BBC reports.

It is reported that four armed men came out of a small truck, stopped a police car and began to shoot at those who was inside. Then they disappeared.

As Reuters reports citing eyewitnesses, the attackers were masked. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack for the time being.

Representatives of the country's security forces launched an operation to search for the attackers.

Policemen in Egypt have been regularly attacked for the past three years. For example, in March, 13 policemen were killed in an explosion at a checkpoint in the Sinai Peninsula. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Islamic State group banned in several countries, including Russia.

PHOTO: Reuters