On her Facebook page, Kristina Bondarenko, a Kiev-based journalist, reported having been assaulted by a cab driver.

“It all happened not far from my place. I asked the cab driver to pull over so I could get out and withdraw some cash from an ATM. Once I got back in, he said I was supposed to pay him then and there. I told him we were not yet there and I’d pay him as soon as he took me to my place. So he locked the doors and started yelling: “Give me the money, you bitch!” I tried calling my husband but he snatched the phone out of my hand. I started pulling the door handle and that is when he rushed at me and tried to strangle me,” wrote the journalist.

Kristina did get out of the car but the policemen who arrived at the accident site neglected to collect eyewitness evidence, taking the journalist to the police station instead.

An hour ago, the journalist posted a message on her Facebook book saying that her attacker was released from police custody. The cab driver proved to be openly supporting the DPR.