The 'Zaventem' Brussels Airport has been rocked by two blasts, reported Reuters.

According to some media, the blasts killed 11 people, another 25 have been injured. The eyewitnesses say the explosions occurred at a departure hall.

Currently, the airport is being evacuated, there is no accurate data on the causes of the explosions, but the Belgian government supposes it was a terrorist attack.

According to News_Executive, prior to the blasts, an Arab man fired a waiting hall of the airport shouting some slogans.

The Ukrainian MPs, who were at the parliamentary hearings in the European Parliament, were at the airport at the time of the blasts, MP Elena Sotnik wrote on Facebook.

- The Ukrainian delegation became an accidental witness; we were evacuated from the train. Everything is ok, the only scary thing is that it is in the heart of Europe, wrote the MP.

Photo: Internet